Alissa is on her way home and notices a guy who walks alone through the forrest. She stops her car and askes him friendly if she can help. He explains that his car is out of gas and that he is looking for a gas station. Alissa offers him to bring him to the next gas station, thankful he jumps in her car and the guy immediately starts to flirt with her. Alissa notices how horny this guy is and invites him on a drink at her place. Comfortable they sit together in her living room and the guy talks big about his great job and his money, he tries to impress her but Alissa has something other in her mind. She offers him an another drink, this time a drink mixed with knockout drops. Shortly he gets tired and passes out. Enchained and handcuffed he wakes up on a chair and sees her how she raids his wallet. Shocked he askes her what she is doing but Alissa just laughs at him and explains that she wants only his money...she just wants to rip him off ! In his wallet she finds his creditcard and orders him to give her immediately the PIN of his creditcard. He disobeys and tells her that he will never give her the PIN of his creditcard and that he will call the police immediately when he is out here. Alissa gets mad and agressive..immediately brutal slaps impact in his face! She tells him that he will go now through a hell of pain and suffering until he has the PIN and all his money. Merciless and brutal she continues to slap brutal his face...again and again her hands impact fullpower in his face ! She beats him up and his face gets totally red. But he still doesn`t want to give her the PIN and Alissa gets more and more agressive. Fullpower with her fore- and backhand she hits his suffering face, uses his mouth as ashtray and stubs out her cigarette on his tongue. He begs for mercy and to stop this beating but Alissa just laughs and wants still his money. She takes a cane and beats his body fullpower. Brutal caning and her victim starts again to scream and to beg for mercy. But still he doesn`t give up and Alissa shows now how brutal and cruel she is. With both hands and fullpower she hits and beats again his face with aggressive and brutal slaps ! His hands are fixed and he is not able to protect his face. Helpless he has to survive this brutal beating. Loud and cruel her slaps impact in his face...he screams in pain but that is just another reason for Alissa to slap harder and harder his face..brutal and fullpower until she has all his money !