New Sadistic Girl Larissa in a fantastic and hard face slapping movie! At this evening she meets for the first time one of our slaves...first she talks to him and wants to get him sign a special contract...a contract that means a lof of money for her ! But the slave doesn`t want to sign the contract...Larissa gets absolut mad...she gets angry …You will sign the contract ! She kicks him down on the floor and starts to slap hard his face with both hands...she spits in his FACE...Will you sign it now ? The slave suffers and shouts of pain..Larissa slaps harder and harder..under this hard slaps he isn`t able to talk but Larissa doesn`t care and continues to beat him up! He still doesn`t want to sign the contract...Larissa tells him that she will beat the hell out of him..until he will sign it..from both sites her slaps impact loud in his face...she spits in his face..laughs about him and hits his face fullpower. Larissa orders him to stand up..he stands at the wall...feel this now ! She slaps and hits his seems he will fall down every moment..she askes him again..Will you sign the contract now ? He is really tough..but tough enough for this evil and mean girl ? His face is red and swelled…but she shows no mercy…she wants the money ! Fullpower and nonstop she slaps his face until he breakes down..on his his knees he crawls to her and Larissa smokes a cigarette and ashes in his mouth… and Larissa askes him one final question...will you now sign the contract ? With this question mean and fullpower her slaps explode in his face!..she loves it and she doesn`t stop !